Property Styling to sell – A Seller’s Guide

Every agent knows an offer on a property comes the moment a potential buyer can visualise themselves living in the home. So how do you draw that emotional response from a potential buyer? Through the services of a property stylist. 
A property stylist can walk into your home and view the spaces objectively. They don’t have your emotional attachment to the property, yet they’re able to make it feel like a potential home for a broad range of buyers. If you’re in the process of placing your property on the market, here are five reasons you should consider hiring a property stylist today.

1.They ensure the first impression is the right impression.

It’s often a rush to get a house looking amazing before your agent organises marketing photos or open for inspection dates. In fact, even when you first meet your agent, you want your property to look outstanding – after all, it will directly impact the asking price.
If your property is styled immaculately, your agent knows they can confidently promote your sale at the maximum price. Your photos will draw interested buyers to the property; your stunning styling will make them want to sign on the dotted line.

2. Property stylists do what you can’t.

It’s difficult for a homeowner to style their home in a way that doesn’t show off their own emotional blueprint. From family photos on the wall to the souvenirs from your last holiday, your home reveals all kinds of things about your life. A potential buyer needs to feel like it’s their home, not yours. A property stylist can objectively view a home and style it so it can appeal to a wider demographic. Perhaps your home needs to be more appealing to families? Styling a property to sell is different from styling to stay. A property styled with your ideal demographic in mind will lead to more generous offers.

3. They organise what you haven’t considered.

A property stylist does more than just style a property for the photos. They also ensure it is gleaming and well-maintained before the property is listed for sale, and during the sale process. There is much to do to prepare the home for sale. Your property stylist may:
  • Consider the property from all angles – have you thought about ensuring the pool is sparkling clean? The back patio is swept? The garden shed is tidy so that potential buyers can understand how much room they have to work with?
  • If the home is empty at the time of sale, their job will be to fill it up with elegant, homely furnishings.

4. You will get higher offers.

There are costs associated with hiring a property stylist. This can be off-putting at a time when you’ll have many bills to consider already. But think about how much better the offers are likely to be for a beautifully appointed home?
It’s important to understand that hiring a property stylist is an investment in your biggest asset. The outlay will more than pay for itself if the home sells for above the reserve price because someone made that sure-fire emotional connection.


5. Added benefits to you and your agent.

Photos are what sell homes. In fact, 70% of buyers look online at the photos of the home before they visit the open home or call the agent. The quality of the images on the listing online will determine how many ‘walk throughs’ happen on inspection day.
If you want your property to catch the eye of a number of buyers who are looking in your area, the photos have got to make a visual impact on the potential buyer.
In a Real Estate Staging Association survey, professionally styled homes spent 72% less time on the market. The longer a house is on the market, the smaller the appeal to new buyers as they assume there is something wrong with the property.
Professionally styled homes also help buyers overlook property flaws. In fact, agents report up to a third of buyers will overlook flaws in a property if they make an emotional connection with the look and feel of a home.

6. How much will I pay for property styling?

The cost of a stylist is dependent on the size of your property and how much work may need to be done to get the house looking perfect for a potential buyer.
A stylist to come out to your home and run through everything that needs to be done. They will give you a comprehensive quote, covering everything from preparations to furniture hire and their styling fee. This cost is well worth the money as it will highlight areas you may never have considered as a setback to a buyer.
On average, property owners that invest in styling will receive a 7.5 to 12.5% better sales price.

7. When do I book my property stylist?

Timing is everything when considering a stylist. Spring is their busiest time of year, so they will require two to three weeks’ notice to style your property over those months. A consultation should be booked at least four weeks before an agent is due to walk through the door, and certainly that far in advance of any photography or open homes. This gives you plenty of time to hire furniture, make repairs or spruce up the garden.
Making your property stand out among the many that are on sale in your area is as easy as hiring a property stylist. The benefits far outweigh the costs and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you did everything to get the maximum price for your property is invaluable.

Authored by Melanie Grace – Interior Stylist