Announcing our collaboration with Hayman Partners – a look at their new Curtin office

Most real estate agency’s today are either filled with glass and minimal styling or out-dated, drab and in need of a serious facelift. Hayman Partners is neither.  I couldn’t wait to check out their new design and fit-out! Opening just a couple of weeks ago down in Curtin shops the look is as ‘on point’ as their service.  Emily, a Hayman’s sales reps, and a friend of mine and hubby’s gave me the grand tour. I was so impressed by the interior design, styling, and ambiance they have created.

There is absolutely no reason why places of work can’t look and feel as inviting as places of pleasure and these guys have nailed it.

Stay tuned for some fun styling jobs we have planned with the Hayman Partners Team, coming soon!

Ash xo